A Complete Guide to Supporting Your Transition to a Vegan Lifestyle

We are so excited that you're here! This program is a way to revolutionize your lifestyle, review how you live your ethical code, and grow your library of recipes to cook nutritionally complete meals. More than recipes, we provide reference resources, meditations, our personal stories and even yoga classes.  Join us on a journey to HOLISTIC personal development starting with your daily choices! 

Participate in the Challenge

Nutritional Guidance

Get expert resources that will help you optimize your metabolism while discovering your ideal balance of nutrient intake to increase strength and mental focus.  Learn the truth about vegan protein. Feel confident with high energy and sustained alertness on a daily basis!

Using Food as Medicine

Discover recipes and ingredients that not only help alleviate symptoms of inflammation, pain, and bodily discomfort; but also address the root cause to grant you freedom and clarity.

Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Take exclusive online yoga classes with Andrew 7 Sealy and the 24 Day Vegan Challenge Community.  Tune into your body and mind with daily movement and meditation.

Create a New YOU in 2022

Day 1 is all about creating the mindset and making the space for change in your lifestyle. We will help you adapt the mentality to stay dedicated with Documentaries, Studies, and inspirational content while giving you a proven system for success over the next 23 days!

Cleanse and Clear Your Mind, Body, and Kitchen!

For the next 24 days we will help you reboot your routines, create lasting change, and help you learn new healthy habits. All from the workshop of your Kitchen. Day 2 is all about making your kitchen an inviting space for creating food that feels even better than it taste, and taste even better than it looks!

Jump Into Day 1 of The Challenge!

We chose the word challenge not to intimidate you but rather to speak to the fact that without challenge there is no growth. Let's grow together by questioning belief systems, learning new ways of cooking and uplifting the global energetics with compassion for all sentient beings.