24 Day Vegan Challenge

50 + Delicious and Easy to Make Vegan Recipes 

ALL Gluten Free and Nutritionally Balanced.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meal Planner By Chef Mekaila Tyrrell.
Daily Inspiration from TOP Vegan Influencers.
Yoga, Meditation, and Motivation from Andrew 7 Sealy.



Together, we will learn a new way of Being.

The 24 Day Vegan Challenge will help you successfully transition to a plant based lifestyle. Andrew and Mekaila decided to call it a challenge because it’s a way of testing your mindset, lifestyle, and health choices to yield personalized, LASTING RESULTS.

Whether you want to cleanse and maintain your optimal body weight, become an ambassador of compassion for all beings, or take your athletic performance to the next level, this program will guide you into a new way of Being with more Energy, more Alignment, and more Clarity.

We are so glad to have you here!


Each day has a different theme, and works in a progressive way that builds on the knowledge acquired on the day before.

By the end of the challenge you will have become a vegan expert, with both Andrew and Mekaila's expertise combined, there is over 15 years of experience packed into this program.

We recognize each body type is different and there is space to create your own customizations, and by coming back everyday to learn something new, the consistency will bring guaranteed results. 

The meal plan includes over thirty entertaining recipe videos featuring Andrew and I, and if you have any further questions we are always an email away.


Log in to the course daily and you find will new challenges, recipes to try and engagement tools.

There are grocery lists for the beginning of each week so that your kitchen is equipped with all the right ingredients. It’s a mix of easy, quick recipes and others that will impress your friends and family with gastronomical greatness.

Tap into intuitive eating, learn about the benefits of organic foods, eliminate post-meal bloating, and discover the superpowers leafy greens.

Join the challenge and see what all the vegan hype is about!


Start Your 24 Day Challenge NOW!

Get 50+ Easy to make Plant Based and Gluten Free Recipes!

Get Daily Yoga and Meditations

Free Detox Guide

Free Meal Prep Guide

Inspirational Interviews with Top Vegan Experts!

Join us on the journey to revolutionising your daily choices!

Initial three days are dedicated mental preparation. This will set you up with a mindset for success by building a strong case supporting why you want to be Vegan.

The remaining 21 days are where we put Veganism into practice with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It only takes three weeks to solidify a new habit!

All my gluten-free baking tips will be unveiled so that you can make delicious, fluffy homemade breads, cookies and cakes.

Sprinkled throughout the course are yoga practices with Andrew7Sealy and guided meditations for intuitive eating with Veganfairybites.

Journaling prompts will help you stay on track with goals and keep you creatively engaged with what results you're looking for.

Become a nutrition whiz, debunk myths about protein deficiency and equip your intellect with researched answers to the top questions vegans get asked by friends and family.

There will be a community of people on the same journey to ask questions, share recipe results and create conversation around the daily topics. Being supported by group of like-minded Vegans will ensure accountability and opportunity for new friends.

About Us

Andrew Sealy is a Connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator.
He is internationally recognized for his yoga teachings and wellness leadership.
Through the unique practise of Yoga & Mindful Living, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively empowering his students with the tools needed for sustainable growth

Mekaila taught herself how to cook at a young age by following recipes & often found herself making dinner for her whole family. You'll find her happiest in the kitchen getting creative & trying new vegan recipes.
Currently she spends her time creating recipes for online audiences, catering for yoga retreats, and running a cookie delivery business

what people say about us

" Andrew’s leadership has inspired my lifestyle deeply. I had been calling in a deeper yoga, meditation, and clean eating practice for many years, but it was only until I started regularly going to Andrew’s classes that I had a living proof and examples of what that could look and feel like! I continue going to Andrew’s classes and trainings to mark my own progress, grow with like-minded people, inspire others to find their purpose and to combine energy among our growing spiritual community. "

Kiran aka Madame Gandhi

Music Performer and Producer

Former M.I.A. Drummer

"Mekaila catered my baby shower event with a lunch with roasted skewers, lentil flatbread, kale cesar salad, spanish style scalloped potato pie and a dessert of flan, tres leches cake and chocolate truffles. Her recipes are delicious and satisfying even for those who normally have meat and cheese. Her recipe formulation didn’t stop there, she’s now designed a cookie that helps lactating mothers with milk production."

- Ruth Bulaman
Interior designer, project manager, mother of one baby boy.

" Andrew is the kind of teacher who makes you feel comfortable outside your comfort zone. He teaches with kindness and grace and puts me at ease when I’m on or off the mat. Whenever I see him, I know I will leave with a deeper understanding of yoga and a sense of inner peace. While he is one of the best (acro) Yogis out there - a true master of movement - he is so humble and willing to share his wisdom.  He lives and speaks his truth and I am grateful to call him a teacher and friend. "

Liberté Chan
Meteorologist & Reporter 


"When Mekelia shows up, she dazzles. Her expertise in culinary delight is matched only by her affection toward all those she serves. The food is delicious, prepared to perfection and the presentation causes an experience in those sharing in her food. We couldn’t more highly recommend Chef Mekelia and love when she’s at Imiloa."

- Jake Sasseville
Imiloa Institute

"After practicing with Andrew, I was able to release tension from my body and mind that I was not even aware of. It was only after the tension was gone that I realized that it was there all along. If you want to experience joy in movement and deep love just join a class with Andrew 7 Sealy. Online, in person or join him on a retreat. I promise you won’t regret it!"

- Aaron “Jaws” Homoki
Pro Skater

X Games Medalist

Mekaila was our kitchen fairy for our adventure yoga retreat and she was definitely the cherry on the top of the (vegan/GF) cake. She made us the most delicious, well balanced and heartfelt meals. Her love and genuine passion for cooking comes through in every bite you take and you are transported into a blissful state of being after each meal. Her contagious joy and enthusiasm makes it a delight to have her around the group and adds into the experience. Besides her creative and professional skills, she is a magical being that inspires everyone she comes into contact with, leaving a little piece of her values and smile in your heart.

- Claudia Gallo
Yoga instructor, studio manager
wellness retreat leader.